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The Burge Company: Our Mission

At “The Burge Company” we are a financial consultant Katy, Kingwood, and Houston, TX, that is really “All About You”. We are serious and sincere about what we do and we look at your goals as the passion for your life.

What is Financial Planning Kingwood, Katy, and Houston, TX?

Money is just one way to reach the place we are all trying to get to.  "In the grand scheme of things, money is really not that important" says Bill Bachrach, author of Values Based Financial Planning.  Money is not the end all for what we are about or want from life.  At The Burge Company we are equipped to help you develop and maintain a financial strategy to get where you are trying to go without worry about your finances.  Our goal is to build a strategy that excites you so you can focus on other valuable meaningful things in your life.


If you are looking for something that will make you successful in life and finances, then give our financial consultant a try.  If you are looking for something that will make you successful in life and take back your finances, then give our financial consultant a try.  Otherwise, find a stockbroker and take your chances. We are looking for life long clients who want to do business with us because we earn their trust and serve only their best interest.




The Burge Company Profile

The Burge Company was formed with the conviction that the client is who we were here to serve.  As a financial consultant, our goal has always been to make a difference in peoples lives by helping them avoid financial mistakes and to reach their goals consistent with their values.  Stan says," I wanted to be a trusted advisor that people could have faith in what I had to tell them.  Bill Bachrach's website for consumers does a good job explaining the difference between a trusted advisor and a salesman." Look at  It explains what a delegator means and what a do-it-yourself person is looking for.  They are both ok, but one needs a salesman and one needs a trusted advisor.


 We were convinced we would work with a select group who wanted to delegate to us and implement a financial strategy that would change their lives. That's what true Financial Planners do, develop a strategy to help people organize their finances and simplify their lives.  That leaves people time to focus on more important areas of their lives.

We feel we truly have a different approach to the practice of financial planning. It is not about charts and graphs; it is about life values and goals.


What is Our Financial Planning For You?

A Truly Different Approach to Your Financial future

  • Complete a Financial Road Map

  • Analyze the information you provide with your values and goals

  • Develop a comprehensive Financial Strategy consistent with your values and goals

  • Agree on a strategy to meet your expectations

  • Implement the Comprehensive Financial Strategy

  • Maintain the Eight Deliverable Services we Provide

We start with a Financial Road Map® and then design a Comprehensive Financial Plan for a fee.   We read every document you provide us, we are professional and look at the whole picture.  We have maintained our clients during some difficult times by remaining focused on the plan and the strategy.  As their trusted advisor, they look to us for answers to the tough decisions they make.

Our financial consultant business is based on values; our success is not based upon volume.  We want to be able to serve every client very well.  We want to service those who fit our profile as the right type of client.  We have support from all areas to meet your needs.  We have strong relationships with CPA firms and Estate Planning firms to provide for the needs of our clients special circumstances. Read about financial planning basics.

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Financial Road Map® by Bill Bachrach and From Values Based Financial Planning Book

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